Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy 31st Birthday, hubby!!!

Today is hubby's birthday... Hubby say he didn't want any celebrations, but I heck care... I did a mini celebration for him... Went Sakae Sushi for hubby's mini celebration... Kayden was well behaved today, maybe he knows today is Daddy's birthday... Supposed to treat hubby for late lunchie one, but in the end I'm the one eating the most... Hubby only had abit only... Anyway, wanted to take some pics for hubby & Kayden but who knows, my digi cam died on me... =( So only when back home, then can use my N80 to take pics for him...

Anyway, today also a gathering with the mummies again... This time round we're having KTV session... After having 2 rounds of clubbing nights, finally something more healthy... will load pics for tonight...

pic of Daddy & Kayden

Pics of the KTV night


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