Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today went Adeline's (KM) place for steamboat... Those who attended were Charmaine & family, Catherine & Janine, Amy & family, Wendy & family & Rebecca & family... Didn't wanna drive all the way up to KM's place, so I drove to Charmaine's place & parked my car there... Basically I toured round Singapore today... 1st stop was Depot Road (Charmaine's place), 2nd stop to Jurong West (Catherine's place) to pick her & Janine up, 3rd stop to Sengkang (Jennifer aka AB's place) to pick up the Pig Stomach Soup *courtesy of AB's hubby Daniel* for the steamboat soup base & last stop to Choa Chu Kang Drive (KM's place)... Little prince slept thru'out the 'tour' journey...

Reached KM's place around 12+ 1pm... Then they started to prepare food for the steamboat & I fed little prince milk milk... Then he started to get abit cranky so I let him have his afternoon sleep... Today happened to be is Rebecca's hubby birthday & I had a great time @ KM's place... After KM's place, went back to collect my car @ Depot Road & off to mummy's place to have dinner... Then home sweet home... =)

Finally I've received little prince's toys from the spree that Jenn organised, but one toy that I've ordered didn't came... When Jenn placed order with the supplier, all the items that we'd chose all available... But don't know why when the stocks sent to Jenn, there's some items missing & the supplier didn't mentioned anything... Hmph...

Space-buddies travel clip toy

Sassy Counting Bath Bucket

Sassy Boogie Board Buddy (topview)

Sassy Boogie Board Buddy (front view)

Anyway, pics of the day


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