Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today met up with Julee + Nana, Huiling + Hazel, Carole + Jeraldine & Ting + Kaiping @ Orchard... Supposed to meet them @ The Republic Foodcourt, Wisma @ 2pm but I was late (1.45pm I'm still @ home) due to little prince still having his nap... After I got myself prepared, I woke little prince up & dressed him up then left home liao...

Reached Taka @ 3+pm & went to the B2 fountain to look for them... Ting was feeding Kaiping & Julee went to smoke... Proceeded to the nursing room to change little prince's diaper as he pooed... After that, went to B2 for the Toys Fair... I didn't want to go in & see cuz I don't wanna spend $$ as I'm already over budget... So went over to the fountain side to feed little prince milk milk... While waiting for the rest, Julee & me went in to the Toys Fair to take a look... Bought Winnie the Pooh ($6) & a moving musical robot toy ($9.90) with damage of $15.90 for little prince...

We proceeded to Coffe Club for coffee before heading home sweet home... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda regret of driving to town today... The parking @ Taka cost me $11+!!!!


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