Friday, August 10, 2007

Today was 2nd day of hubby's reservist & was supposed to wait for him to be back home & have dinner with me & little prince... But in the end, I had to 'dump' huby aside as I'm meeting one of my bestie girlfriend, Michelle, in the evening for dinner & coffee... *SORRY hubby =(* She came picked little prince & me up *so nice of her as usual*... I had not seen for for more than 1 year & she had slimmed down alot... I really envy her... *ENVY*
Initially wanted to go Plaza Singapura, but because of the traffic jam, she decided to go Marine Parade aka Parkway Parade... In the car, she was playing with little prince thru'out the journey... We had Fish & Co for dinner & to be honest, it's MY 1st time having my meal @ Fish & Co... Never once had the chance to taste the food there *hinting hubby*... I ordered their so-called Best of Fish & Chips (something like that) & a glass of sharkie freeze & she had the New York Fish & Chips & a glass of passionfruit drink... The waitress was saying that the sharkie freeze that I'm having would be served in a big jar & I said ok... Cuz I didn't know how BIG was their so-called big jar... To my surprise when they served the drinks 1st, my drink was really served in a big jar... *Pardon me ar, it's my 1st time dining @ Fish & Co*

notice the difference? the jar was BIG!!

Shortly after, the main course was served to us... Michelle & me was trying to spot the difference between my dish & hers cuz when the food was served, the presentation looked exactly the same... So we asked the waitress what's the difference & she told us there's cheese in the New York Fish & Chips...

Best of Fish & Chips *mine*

New York Fish & Chips *hers*

Can you spot the difference?? No right? Anyway, little prince fell alseep while Michelle & me enjoying our food... Had a great time catching up with her... Took some pics of her & little prince...

After dinner, went Charles & Keith as she wanted to get shoes & shopped around the premises... She bought 3 tops from TopShop & I bought nothing cuz I'm not into buying anything as now... After feeding little prince, she sent us back home... Had a great time catching up with her... Will do more catching up with her often...

Have anyone experience the same thing as me? Did you ever lost contact with friends for sometime & contact each other again? I realised it always happen to me... What's wrong ar? Anyone can tell me??


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