Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Met up with Amy + Manfred @ Orchard Mrt 2.30pm... Initially doesn't want to go out 1) as little prince like still having very very mild fever (temp reading 36.8), 2) hubby went reservist today & little prince's pram is in hubby's car... I was so bored @ home & Amy was soooooooooooooooo kind enough to bring Manfred's pram to lend me, then I decided to go out... *Thanks AMY* While I'm preparing myself, I managed to snap a pic of little prince (his back view) lying comfortably on his bloster in his playpen watching 'Hi-5'...

watching Hi-5

snapped shot of him watching TV

after watching Hi-5

Took bus with little prince to Tanah Merah Mrt Station & took a train down to Orchard... While waiting for the train, there's one auntie asking am I local & I said yes (cuz she thought I'm from China ~DUHZ~)... Before the train was here, I was thinking would there be any empty seats cuz after carried little prince for sometime, my both arms very tired... On the way to Orchard, I was sitting in between a malay mother & a chinese mother & both of them palyed with little prince... And he was so itchy hand that he grabbed that malay mother's head scarf few times & also the chinese mother's top few times too... Really bth him, he must grabbed everything that he's in contact with... duhz~ Thru'out the whole train journey, he didn't get cranky even though it's his nap time *Phew*... Instead, he kept looking around & whenever I made him sit on my lap, he always wants to struggle with me & keep standing up... bth...

The 1st thing that I'd reached Orchard, I put little prince into Manfred's pram as it's really very tiring carrying him... Manfred is really cute sia... I told him that let didi sit in his pram ok & he just nodded his head... Such a darling... The moment I put little prince in the pram, he dozed off on our way to Taka... Went straight over to Taka Mos Burger to have a drink with Amy + Manfred as the weather was really a KILLER!!! We were enjoying our drinks & taking pics @ Mos Burger while waiting for Jessie + Denise + Zenson to arrive... I really SALUTE to Jessie that she's really a wonderwoman... Her house lift broke down & she piggyback Zenson, one hand with the pram & one hand holding Denise down the stairs from 8th floor to the 6th floor...

look @ him... sleeping also want to pose... duhz~
Hip Hop little prince & mummy
Amy yi yi & little prince
Amy & Manfred *he's more interested in his fries than the camera*

Manfred kor kor & little prince *Manfred kept wanting to carry little prince*

When Jessie arrived, went to the Toys Fair... Well, I didn't really looked much @ the toys as I'd been there last week... It was Jessie & Amy ended buying things... After that, we crossed over to Paragon as Amy wanted to shop for Fox Kids clothes for Manfred... As usual, nothing much designs & headed to Toy 'R' Us window shopping... Didn't get anything as nothing caught my eyes & Amy bought a stroller for Manfred... Went StarBucks for a short coffee before heading home sweet home... Hubby came pick me & little prince up as I lazy to take train home... I have 3 prams in my car boot now (including Amy's).... Muhahahahaha....

*Courtesy of Jessie*

Random pics

gliding to daddy

spotted mummy



gliding from foam mat to the floor

spotted mummy again

taken @ Jabez's birthday *Courtesy of Baobao*


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