Monday, August 6, 2007

Today I finally slept the most as hubby looks after little prince & although I was awake @ 10+am then went back to sleep 11+am, I only woke up around 5+pm... woohoo!!! The reason why I slept till so late cuz having menses cramp... duhz~ Anyway I still enjoyed my beauty sleep...

Little prince still having mild fever... Realised something today, little prince will cry when woke up from nap with his eyes still closing, only when carried him upright then he will stop & slowly open his eyes... Hmm... is that normal?

Anyway, took some pics of little prince this morning cuz hubby put him seated into a pail & he looked soooooooooo adorable... In the evening before heading out to buy BK for dinner & get some things from NTUC, dressed little prince & even put on a hat for him... Hubby told little prince, "Daddy let you wear a hip hop hat ok?" he seemed to understand abit of what hubby said & was kinda happy... But ended up removed that hat from him...

Was kinda pissed with hubby just now cuz I was feeding little prince & I don't know what's wrong with little prince, kept crying & crying... Hubby came out from the room & kinda shouted @ me, "Feed him the milk milk la... Why let him cry till like that & how you expected him to drink!!" I was like, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!! I DID FED HIM WITH MILK MILK & HE GOT CHOKED SO I REMOVED IT FROM HIM AND TRYING TO COAX HIM OK... ARE YOU BLOODY BLIND!!!! AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM THAT HE KEEP CRYING LOR... I told hubby that "I'M FEEDING HIM WHAT, BUT HE KEEP CRYING MA... WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?" and you know what, hubby SNATCHED little prince away from me & fed him... My tears just came falling down even though I doesn't want them to... I'm trying to coax our dear son here to stop crying & you accused me of making him cry without even finding out the truth... WTF!

Pics of the Day

Why Daddy put me here??

Must smile & pose for Mummy

This is my new sitting area *Courtesy of Daddy*

My life's INCOMPLETE without them!!

*notice the smile on his face when taking with Daddy?

Isn't little prince looks adorable in that hat?


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