Monday, August 6, 2007

5th August 2007

Little prince having slight fever... =( Wondering is it cuz of the swimming yesterday that he caught a cold... Anyway, other than having slight fever, he's still active as before...

Went to Jen's place to pick up the pram that she lent me as mine already gave way liao... Actually my mil told hubby can buy new one (that's after Jen agreed to lend me) but I told hubby that no point spending $200+ & above to get it, since I have one that Jen lent me...*Thanks Jen =)* I rather saved up that money & buy diapers & milk powder for him... Jen even lent me a set of Ah Zheng's clothes as she knew little prince's sick & he's wearing shorts... *Once again, Thanks Jen*

Went Concourse to meet Charmaine + Sam + Adel as she's getting some birthday stuffs there... We're actually deciding whether to go Suntec City or Vivo City after she's done, ended up going to Suntec as it's nearer & convenient for us to go back... Proceeded to Toy 'R' Us as Charmaine & I wanted to get the big foam floor mat (damage: $15.00 for 4pcs) & then to Carrefour as she wanna get somethings there...

After that, drove over to mummy's place to have dinner with mummy & daddy... Daddy bought a rattle for little prince & he happily played with it by putting into his mouth... duhz~ Everything that he's in contact with also put into his mouth, even my fingers also want to suck... omg... He's not behaving himself today, probably due to the slight fever... So far, he's fever had subsided but still will monitor...

Baby, faster get well soon ok? Mummy LOVE you lots... =)

Pics from yesterday

Adel likes to carry little prince =P

Adel 'strangling' little prince *AJ staring @ Charmaine*

*Courtesy of Adel Chia*

*Courtesy of Charmaine*

*looking abit bored as mummy busy trying clothes*

Adel trying to carry little prince again


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