Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Went out with Mummy, Daddy & little prince... Drove daddy to Panasonic @ Jalan Kilang to collect his free gift of $150 NTUC voucher... Daddy gave it all to me to buy little prince's diapers & milk powder... See how my Daddy dotes on little prince & my pocket... Lol...

After having collected the freebie, went Tiong Bahru Plaza for late lunchie... Actually wanted to go to the new hawker centre but due to rain, decided to stay indoor... After lunchie, walked around the premises & went Tom & Stefanie to see see look look... Daddy bought a musical thingy for little prince as he's getting a bit cranky cuz never nap... Daddy is always like that, when little prince gets cranky, always buy things to coax him down... Just like that day @ The Underwater World, little prince was carrying a dolphin balloon, instead of putting it back, Daddy bought that for him... tsk tsk~~

Mummy bought a swimsuit, a set of pyjamas & a Carter's towel robe for little prince... Woo hoo... Me no need to spend $$ on getting another swimsuit which initially I wanted to get for him (cuz he only have swimming trunk)... When I put on the towel robe on little prince, he looked so cute lor... But I never took a pic of it =( While still browsing halfway thru', hubby called & said he's ready to leave camp & will wait for me to go pick him up... Before leaving TBP, went BK to buy a set of whopper meal for hubby as he did told me that he wanna eat after the outfield exercise when I pick him up...

So left for Chong Pang Camp to pick hubby up & gave Daddy & Mummy a lift to AMK Hub as they wanna shop there... When reaching there, I wanted to make little prince's milk milk as he's getting abit cranky, I realised I didn't brought little prince milk powder out (I already got that prepared!! blur mummy me)... So on the way home, I fed little prince water to keep him less cranky & he's kinda cooperative without being too cranky... *Phew*


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