Monday, August 20, 2007

Today was the 1st day of hubby's outfield reservist, meaning he's not coming back home till Wednesday afternoon... Miss hubby sooooooo much... =(

Woke up @ 6+am as little prince's crying for milk milk... After feeding him, pat him to sleep again as I already not enough sleep liao... Then woke up @ 8+am again cuz little prince making hell of noise till I can't sleep... So carried him to my mil so that I can slumber back to my dreamland... One thing I'm quite sad about was when mil made the 'bao bao' gesture to little prince, he didn't even hesitate & straight away leaned forward for mil to carry... Then when I tried doing that gesture to him, he didn't even wanna looked @ me or leaned forward for me to carry him... I was SO SAD lor... Then I smsed hubby about it & he replied, 'Aiya.. He can't recognise me I more sad then you...' (Pardon my hubby's english) And for that moment, I'm quite happy that @ least little prince doesn't do that to me... *grinz*

Met up with one of my bestie girlfriend Cindy for lunchie @ Boat Quay... Drove down to City Hall & parked my car there (as I'm lazy to search for carparks @ Boay Quay & I sucks @ parallel parking) & took a train down to Raffles Place... Supposed to meet her @ 12pm @ McDonald's, Boat Quay but I only reached there like 12.30pm cuz gotta change little prince's diaper as he pooed... Had our lunchie @ Pasta Fesca & both of us had carbonara... Still can't see her tummy yet (she's like coming 4 months preggie)... Cindy had a great time playing/entertaining little prince...

After bidded goodbye with Cindy, took train back to City Hall to window shop... Was quite fed up with the SMRT staffs, but I shall not say further... Went to DBS to get my iBanking done, then fed little prince milk milk... After feeding supposed to meet one of my girlfriend for short coffee @ Tampines but due to her cranky son, she decided not to meet up... Was thinking of where I should go as I doesn't want to go home too early... Cindy smsed me asking am I still around City Hall as she's kinda sad after hearing the news, so I decided to meet up with her again for coffee cum window shopping @ Vivo City... Drove out of City Hall & the parking costs me $7+ for just 3 hours (-_")

We went home sweet home shortly as she's having very bad headache... Hope everything will turn out fine for her... *Praying hard*

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