Sunday, August 26, 2007

Today little prince's godma aka my bestie, Josephine came over to my place to pass me the loots I asked her to get for me from BKK... Supposed to meet her outside but since she wanna dropby my place 1st, why not... She bought a few clothes from BKK & it's all army attires... The overall & the airforce look-a-like overalls are cute... *Thanks Kayden's Godma*

After got myself & little prince prepared, we headed down to Vivo City as Josephine suggested... As she haven't taken her lunchie, we went over to White Dog Cafe to have her lunch... Little prince was sleeping when we reached Vivo... She had a very full lunchie & I had my fair share of food too... The way White Dog Cafe served iced water was so unique... The calamari fritts, spiced chicken wings & the lobster bisque soup was nice but the striploin steak was only so-so cuz it supposed to be medium-rare but it's like almost well-done...

Isn't it unique? *save their trouble for having it refilled*

Calamari Fritts *YUMMY*
Lobster bisque soup *YUMMY*
Spiced Chicken Wings *YUMMY*
Striploin Steak

Took a few pics there after little prince woke up... After settling the bill, went over to Charles & Keith as Josephine wanted to get a pair of red heels... But that design that she wanted doesn't have any more stocks for her size... *She's wearing size 3 by the way* After that, we walked around while waiting for hubby to pick me & little prince up...

So envy my bestie, going BKK AGAIN next week with her company & she JUST came back last week... When will it be my turn to go for a holiday????? *hinting hubby*

Pics of the day

The forever pretty Josephine

The FAT me

Godma & little prince

Godma & little prince again

Little prince & mummy

Little prince

doing the buuu buuu thingy *see his saliva*

Oh ya... I realised that little prince had slim down abit... Not that chubby he used to be now... So sad... I missed him being chubby baby... =( But on the other hand, I was sooooooooo HAPPY today cuz little prince willing to lean forward & let me carry when I say either 'bao bao' or carry... I tried once & once again (just to ensure he's really willing to let mummy carry) & he really did... *HAPPY MUMMY!!*


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