Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today was MAHJONG day for me!! Woke up super duper early @ 6+am to feed little prince water (actually was awaken by his cries la)... Was hesitating whether I should give him milk milk or just water... If give milk milk, I'll be lazy to wash & sterilised the milk bottle... If give water, he tends to choke abit whenever drink water... Anyway, I just gave him water & pat him to sleep again... Thereafter, I'm off to my dreamland too... =)

Mil woke me up & asked me whether it's time for little prince's milk milk... I looked @ the time, it's almost 10am & little prince haven't had his 1st milk milk yet... Then I told mil to feed him & I dragged myself up to have my shower & get ready for mahjong of the day @ Cynthia's place... Meeting Yen @ 10.45am to pick her up along Tanah Merah Mrt station... Went over to Rivervale Mall to get myself brunch from MacDonald's before heading down to Cynthia's place...

Anyway, started our mj session with Jasmine, Huiling & Cynthia around 12+pm... Finally!! The 1st few games it was the starting of my down luck... Thought my luck would be better, but still no... But still continued to play all the way till 5pm... In between, I did win some & @ the same time lose some too... Cynthia's hubby played a few games too... All together we played 1 & half round (meaning we played 1st round of North, South, East & West & 2nd round of East & South) & the 1st round we took almost 3+hours to finished the game & I'd lost $20... (O.o) After our game, sent Huling + Hazel (her dd) to Tanah Merah Mrt station & sent Jasmine home...

By the way, Brayden's really a handsome & happy baby... Why I said happy baby was because whenever I played with him, he kept smiling & seemed happy... Now I really think that little prince is kinda on the bigger side cuz Brayden (8 months baby) is about little prince size... omg... Why must little prince be so big size? =(

*Thanks Cynthia for letting us to have a MJ session over @ her place today! =)*


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