Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today met Eunice for lunchie @ Bugis as well as to pass her the bags that I'd got my bestie to get for them... Supposed to meet her @ 12pm but I was still home... LOL... Anyway, she's used to it liao la... muhahahahaa... But I told her that I will F1 down to Bugis & will be there by 12.15pm... I actually did reached there by 12.15pm but she's still in the office... duhz~ But since she's pregnant, it's ok la cuz I'm the one who's late ma... =P

Waited for her @ Mos burger & little prince fell asleep shortly Eunice arrived... We chat till almost 1.30pm then Eunice went back to work... I was on my way to Charles & Keith to check a pair of shoes for my bestie Josephine as no more stocks for her size when we're @ Vivo on Sunday... While chatting with her on the phone, she asked about little prince aka her godson so I said he just woke up from nap... That's when I realised his bolster was missing... *Blur mummy* So I hanged up the call with her & went back to trace for his bolster, but still ended couldn't find... *sad mummy*

Anyway, while taking the escalator down to the 1st level, saw Jasmine & her friend... So I called her & went for a drink session with them... Had a great time chatting with them & took a pic with Jasmine (as the previous times never got the chance to take with her)... Sent her back home then back home sweet home...

YUPPIE!!! Tomorrow MAHJONG time!!! Finally!!! Will be playing with Jasmine, Huiling & Cyn... =)