Friday, August 31, 2007

Hubby sent me over to Eunice's place 1st as Reiko's still sleeping & I'm going town with her... When I reached there, Reiko was already up & eating her cornflakes... Little prince does have a fun time gliding in Eunice's living room... Little prince can now sit alone on the floor for quite sometime without whinning... *clap clap*

After Eunice got Reiko ready & I've changed little prince's diaper cuz he pooed, we set off for town... Took LRT & changed to MRT & alighted @ Orchard... Walked over to Taka to the baby Fair & see see look look... Actually, there wasn't anything to get cuz as I'd mentioned eariler in my earlier post that it's the same as what was being held early this Feb 07... Was looking for teats @ Avent counter while little prince got cranky, reason being his time for milk milk... So went over to the fountain area & fed him while Eunice + Reiko still looking around...

There's a senior aged couple sitting next to me while I fed little prince milk milk... He drank all his milk & that couple was complimenting that he was such a good boy (cuz finished the milk)... =) Anyway, went over to join Eunice & I got 7 sets of Avent No. 4 teats (including Charmaine's) cuz it's very very cheap... It's only $4.80 & regardless is No.1, 2, 3 or 4 teats, only the variable flow one is abit expensive... I also got Pigeon baby wipes super value pack (pack of 82 x 6's) & also a nipple & bottle brush & my total damage is $57.49...

Walked over to CentrePoint to meet Darren aka Yeye for dinner... While waiting for Yeye to come, we stopped by MotherCare (where Eunice's mum work) as Eunice went to look for her mum & we changed our little ones diapers... After Yeye arrived, went up to Robinson Level 6, the kids department as Eunice need to find something for her sis... Nothing much to buy, but I got a set of pyjamas for little prince @ $7.90... We went for dinner @ the nearby foodcourt together with Eunice's mum then Yeye gave me & Eunice a ride back home... *Thanks Yeye*

total damage: $65.39

pics of the day

taken @ MotherCare *look @ little prince's expression*

Oh ya.... Little prince can move from lying on tummy position to sitting up position!!! *clap hands* I thought my eyes was playing tricks on me, but when I saw him did one more time, I was sooooooooooooo HAPPY that I shouted for hubby to see what little prince had achieved in his learning process...*HAPPY MUMMY*