Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today met up with Stephiey + Zenden & Shirley + Jovan @ AMK Hub.. Jacqueline & Tinggie supposed to meet us too but think they're busy... As usual, hubby sent me to Mrt station & took train down to AMK as meeting Stephiey & Shirley @ the control station... Jovan was very cute & cleve... He knows how to clap his hands & do the 'Obi-good' sign... Hmm... when little prince can do that? Little prince was a bit cranky while we're waiting for Stephiey + Zenden cuz AMK Mrt control station very hot and it's also his nap time... Walked over to AMK Hub after Stephiey arrived...

Had our late lunchie @ Fish & Co... The place was kinda small & little prince slumbered to his dreamland... The 3 of us ordered The Best Fish & Chips & as usual, I ordered sharkie freeze... =)
Zenden & Stephiey
Jovan & Shirley

We're chatting happily with while waiting for food to be served... Jovan really cute lor... Initially when saw him @ the control station, he was kinda not warm up yet... But @ Fish & Co, he'd already warmed up & ready to play... Had fun playing with him... When food was served, Jovan kept 'disturbing' me while Shirley fed him with fries & Zenden just fell asleep in Stephiey's arm (sitting on Stephiey's lap)... So cute lor... After I'm done with my lunchie, little prince woke up crying...

My Sharkie Freeze

Our lunchie

Mummy & little prince (just woke up not long)

After lunchie, went over to Fox as Stephiey wanna look @ clothes for Zenden... Ended up, the 3 of us bought the same jacket... I know little prince already had one, but I simply can resist to have another colour... =P

This is little prince 2nd jacket in brown *1st one was green*

Went walking around & changed & fed our little ones @ the nursing room @ level 3... After that, went home sweet home... Really had a great time chatting with Shirley & Stephiey... It was my 1st time meeting Stephiey... More of these mini gatherings to come! =)

The March 2007 babies *same pram somemore*

cheeky little prince

Stephiey's little prince Zenden

Like my smile?

took when taking train back

* didn't take much of Jovan's pic cuz he's already in his dreamland in his pram. We (the 3 mummies) also never took any pics together. =(


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