Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today went John Little Expo Sales with Carole + Jeraldine... Little prince was actually taking his afternoon nap, barely only 15mins when I woke him up to get him dressed... As usual, he cried when I woke him up *Bad Mummy* Asked hubby to send me to Expo cuz Carole told me not much parking & the weather was super duper hot this afternoon... That was what he promised me last night when I told him about it... And today, he go back on his words & asked me to drive there myself... I was thinking in my heart, "Wao lau, that's what your promised me last night lei, now ask me to drive? Not say Expo very far what, only less than 5 mis drive from our place!" I didn't said it out cuz we just quarrel the day before... I just drove away & headed down to Expo...

Walked around the John Little sales & didn't have much for me to buy... I only got 2 sets of foam mat (4pcs per pack) @ $14.00 each (using hubby's $$)... lol... I also got a teething toy for little prince @ $4.90...

Carole's hubby joined us @ the Fair & we went to Times Sales as nothing much over @ John Little...Wanted to buy some fiction books, but after 2nd thought, decided not to... Went over to another fair & bought 3 big packets of tibits from Tong Garden for $10... Thereafter, we went over to the Select Foodcourt as Carole's hubby wants to eat & I also haven't taken my lunchie... We split our ways & went home sweet home...

Josephine came to my place after work to collect her Charles & Keith shoes & also to see her godson... Little prince was happy to see his godma & he had a great time playing with godma... keep laughing all the way...

lying comfortably watching TV programs

*look @ little prince's big tummy*

*poorly taken by mummy cuz her hands' shaking*

Am I cute??

Thanks to Cynthia for giving me the link to a TW Spree on Bags... It looked like Burberry's & the cost of the bag is only less than $20 (including shipping fees)... I LOVE this kind of big tote bag cuz can put all little prince's barang barang... Can't wait for this bag to arrive..


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