Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is done by Cynthia... *Thanks Cynthia!* I love this pic soooooooooo muchie!

Today was a mini gathering for Zhuzhu, Cynthia & me... Stephiey supposed to join us but she's being held up with something, ended up didn't meet us... Keidi very cute...When I met up with Zhuzhu, Keidi seems to recognise me the moment she saw me... =) Anyway, Cynthia can only meet us @ 3+pm, so Zhuzhu & me went foodcourt to have my lunchie... The tom yam handmade noodles very yummy! Went Mothercare as Zhuzhu wanna look for headband for Keidi... I got little prince 5 pairs of socks from Mothercare...

damage: $25.00
While waiting for Cynthia & her hubby to arrive, went to John Little walk walk... Wanted to get Triumph new designs, but decided to get my aunite to sign for me @ Metro (cuz she got discount)... Went over to TCC for coffee & catching up after Cynthia arrived... Brayden still the same, a HAPPY baby (that nick was given by me)... So fun to play with him... Keidi also very cute... Kept crawling on the red sofa & very active, although she longed for a nap... She seemed to have a great time playing with Brayden, although @ times when she 'screamed', he's abit startled...



Cynthia & Brayden

Zhuzhu & Keidi

Keidi & Brayden playing

Both of them playing

Little prince & Mummy

The 3 Mummies with our little ones *look @ little prince's expression*

The 3 mummies & our little ones again

What a nice smile! =)

Went to change diapers for our little ones (Zhuzhu & me) & headed for dinner... As we couldn't decide on what to eat, we ended up @ Long John Silver's... Little prince started to get cranky le, as usual... Keidi very cute lor... She's sitting on the high chair when suddenly her face was red & Zhuzhu said she pooed (by looking @ her face)... After changing Keidi not long, I realised that her face was red again & she pooed again... Zhuzhu bth Keidi... =P Cynthia & her hubby left 1st while I accompanied Zhuzhu for her hubby to pick her up @ the taxi stand... After a while, I went to buy dinner for hubby & then home sweet home... Surprisingly, the carpark charges not that expensive @ Plaza Singapura... I've parked the for almost 6 hours & the charges was only $5.25... It's definately way cheaper than parking @ Taka...