Sunday, September 9, 2007

Today went to Lecarde's baby shower... Drove to Charmaine's place & parked my car there... Went Qiqi Mama's place in Charmaine's car... Boy! The weather was scorching hot & this Charmaine led the wrong way... Qiqi's block was 137 & Charmaine kept thinking that it was 136... We even took the lift up to level 8 of Blk 136 & that's when she realised something was wrong... After she checked her mobile sms, then she said we're @ the wrong block... Blur Charmaine...

Finally we ended up in the correct block & Mae + family & Vone + family were already there... So Mae helped me look after little prince while I helped myself with the food... I was famished since morning... Qiqi engaged Neo Garden's services for the food & it was yummy yummy... When I carried Lecarde, I really missed little prince when newborn... The feeling was totally different... Anyway, Lecarde was really cute & I reckoned that he looked like Qiqi... Charmaine & me didn't stayed there long as Charmaine got her own programme with her dh & I had a date with my Mummy & Daddy... Went over to Charmaine's place as I need to borrow few dresses from her for my bestie's wedding this coming Sunday (cuz I don't intend to get new one)...

After I'm done with that, drove over to Tiong Bahru Plaza to pick Daddy & Mummy up & off we went to Taka... Went straight to the Nursing Room @ Level 3 to feed little prince & changed him... He was kinda cranky & was whining halfway drinking his milk, guessed due to he didn't nap since 12+pm till like 5pm... But he still managed to finish it after some coaxing & kaypo-ing around... Little prince got a nickname, given by hubby, and that's Kaypo-den... =P Went to the food court as Daddy & Mummy were famished... Little prince got cranky again cuz he wanna nap & I cradled him with his 'smelly' bolster & he slumbered to his dreamland almost immediately... That shows how tired he was... =) Oh ya, bumped into Veron + her hubby + her girlgirl...

Passed by the infomation counter & checked out the parking fees @ Taka as my cashcard didn't have sufficient fund... And I was shocked when I got to know the charges like: -

~ extracted from ~

Operates on ERP Parking System

Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your CashCard before exiting. CashCard can be topped-up via ATM machines or CashCard top-up terminals in the Shopping Centre. CashCard top-up terminals are located on Basement 3 and Level 6 Tower A Shopping Centre Lift Lobbies.

Mondays to Fridays

08:00 to 17:59 hrs - Every 30mins or Part Thereof --> $ 1.28
(* $ 1.20)

18:00 to 07:59 hrs - Per Entry --> $ 4.28 (* $ 4.00)

Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

08:00 to 17:59 hrs - First Hour --> $ 2.57
(* $ 2.40)

Every Subsequent 30mins or Part Thereof --> $ 1.61 (* $ 1.50)

18:00 to 07:59 hrs - Per Entry --> $ 4.28 (* $4.00)

* was extracted from their 'Floor Directory' pamphlet (info is correct @ time of printing. UD: May 2007. Kinda confusing with the charges published online & on pamphlets. (O.o)

I remembered the parking charges during weekends was by per entry, regardless of time... But I was wrong! I really regretted to park there & it cost me $8.45 for about 2+ hours... *should have parked @ Hereen or Carnhill carpark* Anyway, drove over to granny's place as Mummy wanted to visit granny & headed home sweet home after staying there for an hour or so...


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