Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today met Stephiey + Zenden @ City Hall Mrt station... Supposed to meet her @ ICA but she changed her mind... Then was supposed to meet @ 1pm, then something interesting cropped up & I kept pushing the time later till 2pm... Actually I didn't know about this interesting thingy, it's Cynthia who msned me... Well, the interesting thingy was a female blogger blogged things about Cyn which are not true @ all... Oh my! That blogger really should have be tactful with her words, especially she doesn't even know Cynthia in person... Post about things that's not TRUE & even commented on our little ones' names as weird... Does she have a problem with young mummies???

Anyway, looking @ the time was already 1.45pm & I'm super duper late, I finally got my butt out of my house & hubby drove me to MRT station as usual... I was almost 20 mins late... *Sorry Stephiey* We had our lunchie @ New York New York (cuz we didn't know what to eat)...

my Root Beer float
Stephiey's NY Tropicana

My London Style Fish & Chips

Stephiey's Tagliatelle Mushroom Alfredo with Crispy Fried Fish

Well, the fish & chips that I had doesn't taste fantastic @ all... I still prefer Fish & Co... And the fries also like overcooked or like leftover from yesterday kind... Yucks... But the pasta that Stephiey had was nice but abit too creamy... But I liked their Root Beer float... =) Little prince got abit cranky so I decided to put him in the high chair (never tried before, 1st time trying)... Zenden wasn't looking @ my direction when I took their pics together...

*where you're looking, Zenden?*

1st time in high chair

Little prince kept wanting to play with Zenden (when placed both of them together) but Zenden didn't... =( Anyway, we walked over to Marina Square as I reserved 2 pairs of shoes @ Baby FOX yesterday from the Bugis outlet... Was deciding between the 2 pairs that I've reserved, but ended up with this one (the one I reserved was in black/grey)... Used the 20% discount voucher that was given by Catherine *Thanks Meow* but sad to say, can only use it on 1 item only as I wanted to get a T-shirt for little prince as well... =(

damage: $15.20 after 20% UP $19.00

Went Topshop as Stephiey wanna take a look @ the clothes & I saw one top that I liked... Went trying & realised it's a bit big for me so requested for a smaller size... No more smaller size, size 8 was the smallest... The staff managed to get hold of the size 6 @ Wisma outlet, but they only can reserve for a day, meaning end of today... Nevermind, shall go there to see if they still have small size or not... Stephiey left early as Zenden need his milk milk soon & she didn't bring enough... So went window shopping alone & bought a top...

damage: $28.90

Left around 7+pm as hubby will soon be done with his stuffs & to pick me up from Tanah Merah Mrt station... Luckily the train wasn't that packed, even though City Link was pretty packed with people...


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