Monday, September 17, 2007

Met up with my girlfriend @ Bugis @ 3pm... Initially I wanted to walk to MRT station again, but due to the hot weather, decided to drive there... It's been nearly 2 years since I'd met up with her... Had our late lunchie @ a restuarant (forgot the name liao... think starting with 'T....' located opposite Bossini)... We both had Grilled Rib Eye steak set meal... The food was simply YUMMY!
Cream of Asparagus

My lunchie - grilled rib eye steak with fries

Her lunchie - grilled rib eye steak with baked potato
Isn't he cute?

Finally can sit straight in high chair

so relaxing

Fat mummy & little prince

Gwen & little prince

Ignoring mummy

"'Mummy, where you looking at??"

The 3 of us

I don't know why little prince today also like yesterdayv afternoon... Got very cranky when he wanna sleep & if put him in the pram, he will cry & have to cradle him again few times then he finally budged in... He slept for almost 2 hours... I couldn't believe me & Gwen stayed @ that restuarant for coming 4 hours... After that, we went walking around while waiting for Charmaine + Sam + Adel to arrive... Wanted to get a pair of shoes from Charles & Keith, but looking @ the price, decided to pass... Had a great time catching up with her & more to come... Bidded goodbye with Gwen as Charmaine already queueing @ Sakae Sushi... Adel was sooo cute, kept playing with the tea bag & saying 'dip dip'... We total had 15 coloured plates, 3 red plates, 3 green teas & 2 chawanmushi & the total bill came up to $ 40+++... They are having a promo of 1st 10 coloured plates @ $1.00 each & if you have their VIP or HSBC card, instead of the usual 10% discount, now having 12% discount... So it's worth it man... Will go & have more sessions of Sakae Sushi before the promo ends...

the 'dip dip' thingy by Adel

partial of our food

My all time favourite

more food

more food

Charmaine, Adel, little prince & Mummy
Mummy & little prince
Video of Sam trying to feed little prince ginger

Went home after dinner as it's about time for little prince beauty sleep... The charges was pretty cheap, $5.34 for almost 6 hours... Little prince started crying eversince we left the carpark till we reached home... But when reached home carpark, he stopped crying & back to his normal self... Duhz~

Anyway, little prince finally can sit upright all by himself, meaning convert himself from lying on tummy to sitting upright position... *Clap clap* Mil said he started doing that 2 times yesterday... *happy mummy on his progress* =)