Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today supposed to go for the MummySG gathering @ Ikea for breakfast @ 10.30am... But I woke up only around 11+am... *Sorry to those mummies* Anyway, my ILs were @ home on Sunday & I decided to continue sleeping... Cuz Sunday's always a day for my & 老公 to sleep late... Oh ya, did I mentioned that 老公's car 爆了胎 yesterday on the way back home from Vivo? 哈哈... Me & little prince were standing on the pavement watching him changed... Too bad I never took a picture of him changing the tyres cuz I'm busy with little prince... But the sight of 老公很man 啊...

Woke up around 3+ 4pm & got myself ready to go back to mummy's place as little prince haven't seen his 公公 & 婆婆 for almost 2 weeks liao... Anyhow, took an hour to get prepared & off me & little prince went... Little prince was pretty co-operative even though he's getting cranky... Watched SCV programs & got hooked on this TW drama starring 罗志祥(小猪) & 大S, 转角.遇到爱 (think that's the title) & it's pretty nice... I know I'm abit outdated la, when it comes to TW dramas, but still who cares... =P I wanna go get the whole drama series & watch @ the comfort of my home... That's what I LOVE about mummy's place...

Fed little prince around 6+pm & pat him to sleep cuz he wanted to... He was sleeping so soundly & after 15 - 20 mins, I woke him up again as I need to change his diaper... He started to cry cuz ME, this 坏蛋 mummy woke him frim his beauty sleep... =P After changing, daddy carried little prince to coax him & he seems to quiet down almost immediately... Then off we went to pick mummy up from her workplace @ Tai Seng Drive to have dinner together... Called 老公 after mummy 下班 to join us for dinner @ Bedok... 老公 was kinda bit 不愿意 as he just went downstairs not long... But I was like telling him that once a while having dinner with my parents will die is it, cuz he never once accompanied me back to mummy's place on Sundays & only except for some occassions... Anyway, 老公 still gave in & joined us for dinner... We had 煮炒 for dinner & mummy ordered the typical 四菜一汤 & 老公 & daddy had 2nd bowl of rice... Mummy gave little prince 豆腐 (those soft soft one) & he seemed to like it... But I told mummy not to give him anymore cuz I wouldn't know if can give him now or can only give him later...

芙蓉炒蛋 Furong Egg
汤 (forgot what soup)

咕老肉 Sweet & sour pork

姜葱鱼片 Fried slice fish with ginger

菠菜炒蘑菇 Spinach with mushroom

Mummy & I were surprised that little prince like watching soccer cuz he kept looking up to the TV broadcasting the soccer match between New Castle & West Ham (think it's that match la) & ignoring us when we kept calling him...

I tried feeding little prince mash potato (without gravy) & dory fish yesterday & he seemed to enjoy it... 嘻嘻... Will try giving him new food & let him explore the taste of solid food... =P


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