Sunday, September 23, 2007

These few days I don't know why I slept till 11+ 12pm... Anyway, finally got my spree loots from shopping diva... It's the Charming Cat waterproof mascara... Mr Postman delivered the loots to me while I'm preparing to go out...

The Charming Cats Waterproof Mascara

I have yet try it as I'm already getting late to meet some of my mummies friends... Got hubby to send me to MRT station as he needs to go for his RT @ 4pm... Supposed to meet Shelley @ 4.30pm HarbourFront MRT station, but I only reached Tanah Merah MRT station @ 4.15pm... So made a call to her saying I'll be late & luckily she's just out of her house... Anyway, I reached there about 4.45-4.50pm @ she's not there yet... So called Shirley & she's already on the way... So went GAP to have a look @ the infants clothes while waiting for Shirley + Jovan to reached... Bought a white romper for little prince & wanted to get another romper for him but don't have his size... So got he staff to check other outlets & Centrepoint has it & got it under reservation... So will be dropping by Centrepoint on Monday to get it... *Anyone wanna go with me on Monday?*
think this is the only one that caught both me & Cynthia's eyes
Went to White Dog Cafe with Shirley + Jovan 1st while waiting for the rest to arrive... Here's the list of those attended:

-> Me + Little prince

-> Shirley + Jovan

-> Jacqueline + Jabez

-> Shelley (cuz Jexus having cough)

-> Xiaoxue + Skye

-> Nadia + Fay

-> Cynthia + hubby + Brayden

I had their carbonara & it's yummy & the size was just nice... But I was super duper hungry & wanted to order another dish together with Nadia (we're both super duper hungry), in the end have to pass it... We all had a great time chatting over dinner & our dinner costs $183 (rounded up)... After dinner, went to change all our little ones before we headed to Haagen Daz for some ice cream desserts & Shelley left for her movies... Little prince slumbered to his dreamland after feeding, Jovan & Brayden also slumbered to their dreamland... We took lotsa of pics this time & we FOUND a nice place to take the pics with good lightings around... Making all of us fair & nice... muahahaha... Think those people walking by sure think that this group of mummies like never take pics before, & somemore take @ the same spot... but we LOVE that spot... haha... Really had a fun & great time laughing & chatting with them... still waiting for therest to upload the pics as I wanted to take lotsa of pics with my digicam but it died on me... it always appear 'System Error' & I can't use that idiot digicam... arghh... so bear with me & enjoy the following ones 1st... =P

the Carbonara

the Baked rice

Little prince & mummy

Me & Nadia *I LOVE this pic*

Me & Fay

Me & Jacqueline

Me & XiaoXue

Me & Shirley
Cynthia & me
Shelley & me

Mil brought a box of Breadtalk mooncakes back... The packaging is nice BUT the money not nice... It's selling @ $40+ for that... There's altogether 9 flavours & only some of it I like... There's cappuccino 咖啡, green tea 抹茶, cranberry 曼越莓, pandan 香兰, chocolate巧克力, orange 香橙, pineapple 风梨, white lotus with single yolk 单黄白莲蓉, spicy floss 辣松... Anyway, only the packaging looks nice, as for the mooncakes, I haven't try yet as mil said must 拿去拜拜先才可以吃... So can't tell you peeps whether nice or not... =P

the super nice & hard packaging

bottom (from right to left): Earth 地球, Uranus 天王星, Mars 火星, Neptune 海王星

middle (from right to left): Mercury 水星, Venus 金星, Jupiter 木星

top (from right to left): Moon 月球, Saturn 土星

bottom (from right to left): cappuccino, green tea, cranberry, pandan

middle (from right to left): chocolate, orange, pineapple

top (from right to left): spicy floss, white lotus with single yolk

Not bad ar, Breadtalk's one the biggest among all the other planets & used their famous floss as fillings... I shall try all the flavours & tell you peeps about it... =)

One more thing, I finally figure out what's wrong with my digicam... It's that f**king SD Memory card that's giving me problem... Cuz I tried with another SD card & viola! it work! So it's time for me to change a bigger storage SD memory card le...

PS: More of these kind of GATHERINGS ladies! =)