Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little prince had his 3rd dose of Hep B jab... Past few days he's having running nose & the nurse who's gonna administer the jab on him advised us to see a doctor 1st... So she arranged a doctor for us & the doctor said it's ok for little prince to go ahead with the jab as he's not having fever... That doctor only prescribed iliadin (Nasal Decongestant Solution for infants)...

Currently little prince weighed 8.97kg & standing @ 68cm... The nurse was saying that little prince's is on 95 percentile, abit on the big side but not overweight... Anyway, little prince as usual cried a little when being administered with that jab & I can heard his cries even I'm outside the room... 听了很心痛咯。But after he saw me, he stopped crying & can smile @ me... 宝贝太可爱了。

Supposed to meet Xiuxiu & Rebecca + Kenan @ Tampines after little prince's jab, but by the time I'm done with 宝贝's thing, it's already coming to 4pm & Rebecca's going home liao... So got 老公 to send me to Rebecca's place & slacked as he had RT in the evening... Had early dinner over @ Rebecca's place as her mil cooked my share... I have to say it's very very YUMMY... 宝贝 had a great time playing @ Rebecca's place... Wanted to walk over to Xiuxiu's place for a short catching up, but after second thoughts, decided not to & 老公 came picked us up around 8.30pm...


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