Friday, September 28, 2007

YUPPIE!!! 老公 buying DS Lite for me!!!!!!!!!! *HAPPY ME!!!*

Yesterday went to little prince's godpa's chalet @ Changi Village.. Josephine invited us to go over for a while as she very long never see her godson liao... 老公 and I had a hard time finding the place... That chalet was damn big lor, but abit ulu... It's Fairy Point Chalet... And the road leading to the chalet was soooooo narrow that can only have one way direction single lane...

When we reached there, they already started bbq... Josephine carried little prince most of the time while I played DS Lite with one of the sweetie girl there... Boy! I got hooked on DS Lite, especially playing the 'Cooking Mama'... Cuz since I can't cook in real life, I'm sure I can cook in the games... =P I'd brought up to 老公 many times long long ago about getting a DS Lite but he rejected... So when he saw me played, he agreed to get one for me even though I didn't asked... So happy lor... Josephine got it @ a promo of $299 with 2 free games & she got the 'Cooking Mama' @ almost $50... The games are real expensive... Anyway stayed till 12+am & went home sweet home...

Today collect the super duper delicious oneh oneh that I've ordered thru' Eunice... This is the last time that auntie made these delicious oneh oneh... I will miss the super duper delicious oneh oneh after I finished my 2 boxes of 25pcs...

I don't know why little prince eversince that lantern night on Tuesday, when in the car, he will start crying & crying till we reached home... Tuesday night was the 1st time that he's like that... I thought maybe it's just coincidence but I realised he's been like that eversince then... When I heard him cry like no tomorrow, 听了很心痛 & I can't 哄他 if I drive... Eunice told me it's part & parcel of his growing up stage... Hopefully that will not long... 宝贝, you big boy already... Must learn not to cry for no reasons liao... =)


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