Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little prince's recovered from his fever!!! =)

Brought little prince to T3 to have dinner with 爹地, 老公 & also to look for 妈咪... Even though he just recovered from fever, I've decided to bring little prince to T3 as he's very restless the whole of yesterday & I want to make him feel lively again...

Our Precious Little Prince

Am glad that he bounced back to his usual lively self... And now he knows how to call me 'Ma Ma'... I'm sooooooooo happy!!!!! =)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little prince's down with fever!!!

Supposed to meet up with Charmaine & Catherine for our flea market @ Seletar Camp but I couldn't make it as little prince's down with fever...

Sorry ladies that I've missed it... My sincere apologies...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Met up with some lovely people from a forum & it's really nice meeting with them... It's kinda fun being around them & there's a joker to entertain us & we all had a good time laughing & laughing... We shifted from Starbucks to Burger King as it's brighter over @ BK for the purpose of taking pics... Haha...

Presenting.... The lovely peeps!!!

I missed out quite abit as I've to leave early for my bro's birthday bash... But it's really my pleasure meeting up with the lovely peeps & I don't mind another outing... Hehe... =)

老公 came to pick me up & we headed to our friend's birthday @ Boat Quay... We've to park our car @ the multistorey carpark (two streets away) as the open space car lots were FULLY occupied... Both of us enjoyed our night there & we took many photos too... The birthday boy was drunk & headed home while the rest of us continued partying there...

老公 & Me

Celsius Bro & Me

老公, Celsius (birthday boy) & Me

William, Yong Chang, Ben & 老公

William, Yong Chang, Chee Chong, 老公 & Ben

Jerlyn & Me

Celsius & 老公

William, Ben, 老公 & Patrick

老公 & Patrick

老公 & Ben

老公, Ben & friend

老公 & his ex-camp mate

Me & Elizabeth

Me & Derrick

Derrick & 老公

Me & Chee Chong

Our group pic

I went over to Conspiracy to look for darling Jo as she's there with Alvin, Michelle & the rest... It's always fun whenever I'm with my darling Jo... =)

Darling Jo & Me

I'm really glad that I have these groups of peeps in my life, ESPECIALLY 老公 & little prince... The 2 MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! =)
Just went Bugis Village to stock up my falsies as my current stocks only left 6 boxes... I'm gonna stock up again middle of month when the stocks arrived... Already told the nice lady boss to keep a whole lot for me...

12 boxes of falsies I can't leave without

Happy Birthday, My dear Bro Celsius!!!

Will be attending his birthday bash with 老公 later tonight after my gathering with a bunch of lovely ladies in the evening...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've just placed another order with Cammy for Mayuki Spree 5... I'm simply WAY TOO ADDICTED to online spree-ing, especially this particular Mayuki Spree & GAP/ON spree for little prince clothes...





Guess very very soon, I'll be hearing my 老公's nagging voice constantly around me, which he HAS already been nagging non-stop about me having too MANY clothes & our current wardrobe DON'T even have the spare space to contain my whole lot of clothes... That applies to little prince's wardrobe too... And I still have few more orders to place with Cammy for Mayuki Spree 6... Haha...
I've just received this dress yesterday that from Runway Diva... I'm LOVING this dress... I like the cutting, the design of this dress... In fact, I have in total of 4 dresses in different prints... And I've also requested them to bring in more of this design... I don't mind to own MORE of this lovely piece...

*pic credits to Runway Diva

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've changed my hairstyle & I'm LOVING my new hairstyle!!! It should be a BRAND new start for me!!!

p/s: Even 老公 also like my new look... =)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Met up with Cousin Kylie + Hon Tat for a firework watching session @ Marina Square after I did my new perm... They got a very nice view outside seats @ the foodcourt... The fireworks only start @ 9pm, but we've been seating there since 7+pm and more people crowd around as they also wanna watch...

So before the firework start, my camera's already in action snapping pictures of little prince...

All of his different expressions

I also took a 15 min video of the fireworks & also bought little prince 2 pairs of Nike sneakers & he's very happy with them... Haha... Sent Kylie & her boyfriend back to my grandma's place before heading back home to get freshen up & drove down to Hush Hush @ Boat Quay to attend Darling Jo's birthday celebration...

After Hush Hush, we went over to The Next Stop to continue our night... We had lot of fun, especially with this guy 'Sarawak' around... We just simply can't stop laughing & laughing & both me & Darling Jo almost suffered stomach cramp from all the laughing... But he really sings very good & well, especially when he sings Mandarin songs... Even the boss of The Next Stop singing praises about him & even want him (jokingly) to hold his 'own' concert there... Haha...

Darling Jo & Me

Alvin & Me

Kelvin & Me

Darling Jo & 'Sarawak'

Our group pic