Saturday, August 23, 2008

Met up with Cousin Kylie + Hon Tat for a firework watching session @ Marina Square after I did my new perm... They got a very nice view outside seats @ the foodcourt... The fireworks only start @ 9pm, but we've been seating there since 7+pm and more people crowd around as they also wanna watch...

So before the firework start, my camera's already in action snapping pictures of little prince...

All of his different expressions

I also took a 15 min video of the fireworks & also bought little prince 2 pairs of Nike sneakers & he's very happy with them... Haha... Sent Kylie & her boyfriend back to my grandma's place before heading back home to get freshen up & drove down to Hush Hush @ Boat Quay to attend Darling Jo's birthday celebration...

After Hush Hush, we went over to The Next Stop to continue our night... We had lot of fun, especially with this guy 'Sarawak' around... We just simply can't stop laughing & laughing & both me & Darling Jo almost suffered stomach cramp from all the laughing... But he really sings very good & well, especially when he sings Mandarin songs... Even the boss of The Next Stop singing praises about him & even want him (jokingly) to hold his 'own' concert there... Haha...

Darling Jo & Me

Alvin & Me

Kelvin & Me

Darling Jo & 'Sarawak'

Our group pic


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