Monday, August 11, 2008

Little prince turned 17 months old today!!!

These are the little details that I'm pretty proud of him...

~ Knows how to pronounce 'ball ball' accurately

~ Loves to wear mil's, fil's & my shoes... even my heels...

~ Loves to sling paperbags over his tiny shoulders

~ Love imitate mil's way of washing clothes... He ever walked to the shower room all by himself (without lights on) & bring his own clothes to wash...

~ Love to drink water! I've named him '水桶'...

~ Can pronounce 'fish' as 'ish', 'please' as 'lease'

~ Love drawing (be it on the doodle mat, pieces of paper, on the floor/table)

~ Learning how to take off his shoes on his own

~ Understand simple instructions like: "Kayden, remove your shoes", "Wait here for Mummy to prepare your milk" (and he actually wait @ the spot I asked him to), "Please help Mummy throw away this diaper" (and he will bring it to the kitchen & throw into the rubbish bin) and many more...

~ Calling mil, 妈咪 & me as 'Ma'

~ Love to sing (especially the song of the taiwanese drama telecast @ 4.30pm on Channel 8)

~ Make the 'ummmm' sound whenever he sees any food advertisements in between shows

~ Always throw tantrum whenever we tried to dry him after his shower as he still wants to continue playing & scooping water

~ Love to run around, be it outside or @ home

~ Keeps screaming whenever he's happy

~ Love to dress up nice nice & will choose his own

~ Love to 'model' around the house whenever he's in my clothes, Daddy's (老公) clothes or even his new clothes

~ Always give you his most signature cheeky smile whenever he knows that I'm angry with him

~ Love to greet others in the lift & even waved 'bye bye' and end with his flying kisses to others

~ will protest & wave his arm + hand altogether to express 'NO' to things that he doesn't like or want

~ know where to keep his shoes when being asked to

~ throws whatever stuffs that he could grab or within his reach into the fish tank

老公 & me still anticipating that little prince will call us 'Daddy' & 'Mummy' with the correct pronunciation... It will be soon, I hope...


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