Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bought a pair of wedges from Charles & Keith with Jasmine before heading down to Orchard to meet Michelle for dinner... I almost wanted to buy some skin care stuffs from The Face Shop on impulse but didn't as Jasmine told me that she could get very good discount from her friend from BodyShop... *Phew! If not, I'm poorer with another $150 from my bank a/c* haha...

My new Black wedges

* P/S: Hmm... Should I keep snip away that strap in the middle-of-nowhere or should I keep it? Any suggestions please? =)

After meeting up with Michelle, we drove to Marine Parade for a steamboat dinner... The tom yam soup base was sooooooooooooo nice & spicy that I couldn't stop drinking water... Haha... but what's the point of steamboat if not taking the tom yam soup base? *@ least for me though* lol...
We went Charles & Keith again as she wanted to find nice black slip-in heels for work + casual... I didn't wanted to buy any more shoes as I'll be going Bangkok in just 1 day's time but it simply hard to resist the shopping temptations... Haha... I've ended up with another 2 pairs of heels & Michelle with 3 pairs of heels & we both bought the same designs for the heels, just that in different colours... We're just shoes fanatic... Haha...

Should I get the pink ones too?

Loving this colour


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