Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, sweetie Rinzen!!!

Attended Rinzen's 1st birthday with little prince & surprisingly I'm not the latest to reach there... I'm actually the 2nd to reach there, although Charmaine's always (most of the time) the 1st to reach any gatherings... haha...

Shortly, Eunice + family & Catherine + family arrived & the kids started to mingle around... Quickly had my late lunch while little prince's too busy playing with the coloured balls...

Anyway, I'm like the only one snapping away while the host *AHEM* Darren was busy entertaining his relatives & his little sweetie Rinzen... It's seemed to me that I'm the photographer of that day & I managed to snap some interesting pics with Regan & little prince inside the tent with many coloured balls...

Little prince: "Can I have that little red ball, Regan 弟弟?"

Regan 弟弟: *looking @ the direction of my camera*

Little prince: "Give the little red ball to me!"

Regan 弟弟: *looked away from the camera*

Little prince: *Snatched the little red ball from Regan's hand*

Regan: *still looking @ the camera*

Little prince: "Hmph... Nevermind, I've already got it."

Regan: *eyes still on the camera*

Damn funny right (the inserted dialogue)?? Haha...

Little prince trying to be funny

Darren & the birthday girl, sweetie Rinzen

Johnson & Regan

Guess who's that 2 little sweetie pies??

Little prince & Janine

Eunice & Regan

The birthday cake

All of us had a great time @ Rinzen's birthday celebration & think the kiddos enjoyed themselves even more with that arcade-like game... Left together with the rest & drove down to look for little prince's Godma...

And I just found out something about little prince... He simply give me surprises whenever I'm out with him & this time too... When little prince saw the altar @ Josephine's place, he kneeled down & in praying position... It really caught me
both of us by surprised... I did a check with mil on that & she said maybe little prince always see her kneeling down & pray infront of the altar over @ IL's office, and little prince 有样学样... Anyway, @ least this is not a bad thing for little prince & I'm happy with his acheivement... =)

Went Marina Square for our dinner & we dined @ this restaurant next to Swensen's... The food was pretty ok & little prince was enjoying his Oreo Cheesecake & also 'making' new friends with the next table by showing them his super nice smile... Haha...

Mummy & son pics taking session

The Love of My LIFE!

Different expressions taken by his godma

Sent little prince home & met up Josephine again for a chilling out cum pubbing session @ Lavender with her friends & the whole bunch of us went over Boat Quay for a while (as the night's still young)... But Josephine & I left shortly after we're there as both us were pretty tired...


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