Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just some random pics of little prince & clothes that I got online from Oh Vola!...

Little prince seems to like taking pics with different kinds of shades & would proudly stay still to let me take pictures of him... Guess he's getting abit vain lately...

Anyway, here's some snapshots of little prince... He never fails to take pictures with his beloved Pig Pig... Simply LOVE him to the bits!!!! Enjoy~

And these are the 2 tops that I placed orders with Oh Vola! and I've finally received it! Loving them to the bits~~

I think I'm soooooooo hooked onto online shopping & I simply can't stop myself from browsing for more online shopping!!! And I just placed orders from Cammy again for Mayuki clothes & also Maz today...

My latest online craze:

From Mayuki



From Maz

I ordered the one in black (grey's to see the designof the skirt) & didn't want to order too many (even though there's a few more that I would like to order) as it's the 1st time Cammy's dealing with them & also not too sure how's the material like, quality good & most importantly, is it exactly the same as what we see in the webby when the stocks arrived...

So it's more like testing out the water...


And now I can't wait to collect my Mayuki Spree 2 loots from Cammy this weekend!!! I also love the clothes from Mayuki & their quality is GOOD!!!! I also ordered another dress from another online shop in LJ, Patty Wong's falsies with Diva Spree & my recent orders from Mayuki & Maz!!!


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