Friday, July 11, 2008

Little prince is 16 months today… In another 2 months’ time, he will be 1 ½ years old… Still thinking whether to send him to childcare when he turn 18 months exactly or when he’s about 20 months… Let’s do some recap on what little prince has achieved so far…

~ will point to himself when asked “Where’s Kayden?”

~ very happy to see me when 老公 picked me up after work

~ loves to dig into my bag & taking out & putting the stuffs back

~ likes to ‘blow’ bubbles with his saliva

~ know how to say ‘yes’ together with his hand gesture

~ pronounced ‘ball ball’ as ‘ba ba’

~ whenever he see a dog, he will pronounce in his own baby language & tell us

~ will let you know when he’s full

~ always point to our room direction when asked to sleep

~ loves to play with water (especially during bathing time) & ever once submerged his whole head into the big bucket & ended up drank tiny bit of water

~ still love climbing here & there knowing I will scold him (do to spite me.. haha)

~ always want to wear my heels

~ love sitting in his mobile car & make those ‘vroom vroom’ sound

Till now, he still don’t know how to pronounce ‘Daddy’ & ‘Mummy’… But I will not rush him on that… I’ll let nature takes it’s course… And his teeth has stopped growing, till now he only has 8 teeth (4 upper & 4 lower)… Wondering when will his rest of the teeth grow… Hopefully not a few @ 1 shot…

I’m still very contented of little prince’s achievement till now… He’s the only reason that makes my life so wonderful & blissful… =)


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