Sunday, June 29, 2008

Went to 阿嬷's new flat @ Upper Boon Keng with little prince… I wasn’t too familiar with that place & lost my way twice to the multi-storey carpark & also the way to the block… =X

Little prince as usual stick to me like a glue when we reached there & only started to ‘warm up’ his engine when my 五姨 lured him with yummy food… Got my cousin to carry little prince & stay in a room before I make my way out of the house to accompany 小姨 to see a doctor… Was out for almost 2+ hours before 六姨 called & saying that little prince cried very badly & nothing seemed to calm him down, reason being his blur mummy, ME, brought his milk powder together with me when I left the house… I’m a bad mummy I know… Sorry baby… When I reached the block, little prince was happily playing @ the playground with my cousins…

Little prince can't wait to go out

Left for HarbourFront to meet Charmaine + family for dinner @ Sakae as well as to get my Mayuki loots from her… She’s always so nice to offer to collect on my behalf from Cammy (the spree organizer)… I didn’t had much over @ Sakae due to little prince screaming here & there for nothing… Adel went missing for a while & she was found by her daddy near the kiddy rides on the same level… Charmaine nearly scared to death when Adel went missing… Lucky thing was she’s safe & sound… Went to Mothercare before heading home sweet home…

Anyone have any solutions to stop or to curb him from screaming loudly especially in the public places? Or is this a growing phase? I’m really going nuts!!!

To Charmaine + family:

Thanks for the dinner company! And especially to Charmaine, thanks for picking up my loots from Cammy… Greatly appreciate!!!


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