Thursday, June 19, 2008

A piece of heartpain news!!! Little prince had a deep cut & bruise on his forehead!!! I was In the washroom when the fall occurred… I heard a loud ‘thud’ followed by a loud cry & in my heart I already knew little prince had injured himself…

It was bleeding & can see the line of the cut & the areas near the wound became red immediately… Both I & 老公 felt 心疼 when we saw the wound inflicted on little prince’s forehead by the edge of the short wooden table… He was still crying when I carried him over from 老公… How I wish I’m the one injured… Hopefully it won’t leave any scars on his forehead…

On the brighter side, I just placed my orders again with Oh Vola! for the 2nd time… I really love their clothes & I find that their prices pretty reasonable… Can’t wait for my clothes to reach me next week!!! And finally, I can fit into S sizes for pants/skirts!!! SO DAMN HAPPY!!!

Elora Kimono - Inspired $30

Kameri Keyhole $26


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