Saturday, June 14, 2008

It’s the 2nd day of our chalet & I was awaken by little prince @ around 7+am asking for milk… I barely sleep for 1+ hours after I turned in @ 5+am… After feeding him & changed his diapers, I went back to the room & slept for another 1+ 2+ hours… 小姨 was kind enough to help me look after little prince while I’m sleeping…

Went to Downtown East food court for our breakfast before heading to Wild Wild Wet! with 小姨 + Huixin & little prince… It’s little prince’s 1st visit to Wild Wild Wet! & so am I… He was enjoying the water @ the kids playing area and surprisingly he didn’t even cry with water splashing onto his face… I showed him how to ‘kick’ the water & he truly enjoyed it… But when I’m trying to let him lie flat on his back & let him float, he kinda struggled & I quickly put him on standing position… Went back to the chalet less than 1 hour to get little prince changed & help to prepare the food for BBQ…

Little prince in swim suit

His new water bottle matches his swim suit

All set to go Wild Wild Wet!

Ain't he adorable?

It’s an bbq for our family members (妈咪's side) cum a birthday surprise (for 五姨) cum a Father’s Day celebration… 五姨 was surprised & happy about the birthday surprise that 六姨 & 小姨 had planned for her… And the cake was delicious & the credits (for the cake) should go to little prince as it’s the compensation that E-Creatives had promised (a very unpleasant experience with them during little prince’s 1st birthday!)…

The sight of little prince melts my heart!

She's a sweetie pie!

Little prince & Grandma

Had few rounds of mahjong, dices & UNO with my cousins while waiting for 老公 to arrive… Little prince was enjoying himself & totally ignored 老公, even when I called out to him telling him that “Daddy’s here”… Even when 老公 called out to him, he still continued to ignore & refused to be carried by his daddy… duhz~

And again, had a hard time coaxing little prince to sleep (All thanks to 老公 for coming so late)… It’s another round of ‘battle’ for me & this time he took a little longer to slumber to his la-la land… Accompanied 老公 to have his dinner before joining 六姨 & my cousins for another ktv night before checking out… We called it a day about 1+am as most of us were already exhausted due to lacking of sleep…


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