Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Had dinner @ Café Cartel with little prince & 老公 @ Siglap after work, as a small celebration for our 6th anniversary… Little prince turned 15 months old exactly today too… So it’s kind of a ‘double happiness’ celebration…

Little prince was making lotsa noise & luckily told 老公 to sit outside… He simply can’t wait when it comes to food… And it’s always I’m the last to eat as I’ll be busying feeding him, instead of 老公 feed him…

Little prince love this soup

A greedy little prince

My dinner

老公's dinner

Mummy & little prince

Our blissful family


My loot from Oh Vola! finally arrived!!! So excited!! The spree organiser (Oh Vola!) is very prompt & efficient in taking in orders & deliver to fellow spree-ers... I have to thank Silver as I saw from her blog 2 weeks before about her post on the clothes she had ordered & received from Oh Vola! *Thanks Silver sweetie for the link!*

Look what I'd received from Mr Postman

It's an dress cum skirt


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