Sunday, June 1, 2008

Went Crew Room last night & reached home almost 6am this morning… Slept till late afternoon… Supposed to tag along with ILs & bil to Marine Parade for some shopping but ended up staying home as 老公 doesn’t want to go…

Got ourselves & little prince prepared to meet bil for dinner… 老公 & bil had no clues on what to eat, so I suggested Fish & Co… ILs came later to join us for dinner… Little prince was so happy to see his Ah Mah & Ah Gong when they appeared in front of him…

Ah Mah & me

Our 'SHY' little prince

My Sharkie

Our dinner (all of us have the same dish)

We had a very full & yummy dinner & even my ILs (who’s not into any western food) also commenting it’s yummy… Even little prince was a satisfied customer… 哈哈


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