Friday, May 23, 2008

YEAH!! 老公's finally back home from his outfield exercise… =)

Went Crew Room as it’s Eugene’s 干女儿's birthday… Gracia + Yongming supposed to join us but due to some unforeseen issue, they didn’t turned up… It’s pretty crowded & there’s not much seats available… Supposed to join his 干女儿's table, but I rather sit @ the bar counter as I don’t even know her friends… At least over @ the bar counter, still can chat with Aiko…

Eugene also came over to join me, although he’s been running from his 干女儿's table to my table… Saw my '小老公' (even my 老公 Sam also know him) & his other friends… It’s really a surprised to see him there & I was even surprised to know he’s Lily’s boyfriend… The world is so small! It’s been like donkey years since I last saw him… And time really past very fast, I’ve known him for coming almost 15 years… He’s still the same old ‘小老公’that I’ve knew & I’m happy for Lily & him… Lily came down shortly to join him & we went Mr Bean (just opposite Crew Room) to have supper before sending them home…

Really had a great time chatting with them!!!

She's a fun & crazy lady

Me & my '小老公'


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