Thursday, May 22, 2008

Met up with Julia after work @ Bugis as it's TIME to stock up my falsies.... Aiko called & told me that she’s @ Bugis Village now & asking when I’m coming… I was surprised that how she knew that I’m gonna grab falsies today & she reminded me that I’ve listed in my facebook… lol… She really knows me well enough… =P

Crossed over to Bugis Village with Julia & headed straight to the shop as I thought Aiko was there waiting for me… But ended up she went for her dinner before she start work… Julia got herself 3 pairs and I only stock up 9 pairs of falsies, 3 pairs each design… The lady boss recognized me & told me that Aiko had asked her to put aside few pairs of the falsies that I always buy… I’m so TOUCHED!!! *Thanks Aiko*

My falsies

Proceeded to Siam Thai restaurant with Julia as she’s craving for thai food when few days ago… Too bad Josephine & Karine couldn’t make it, but it’s ok though as we could meet up any time too… Had a long chat with Julia over dinner as it’s been donkey months since we last meet up & our topic always on our little ones… Went over to Fox Baby as they’re having sales & both Julia & I bought sets of clothes for our little ones… Julia went back shortly as it’s getting whereas I continued shopping... Drove over to the temple that mil’s always frequent to pick little prince & went home sweet home…

Julia's dinner

My dinner

Demin Jumper for little prince

Football tee for little prince

Yeah!!! 老公 coming back tomorrow!!! Missed him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Wonder how little prince will react when he sees his daddy tomorrow after not seeing him for these few days…

To: Julia

Thanks babe for your company!!! We shall meet up real soon with the rest of the babes ya!!


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