Wednesday, May 28, 2008

老公 was still stuck @ Pasir Ris with all his reservist campmates as it’s the last day of his reservist… They always have a mini event when it’s the last day of the reservists… So he asked me to go shopping while waiting for him to pick me up… And of cuz I do as what he had said…. SHOPPING!!!

1st stop was to POSB located @ Takashimaya to deposit money to little prince’s bank a/c before heading for my shopping spree… So glad that there’s few branches open till 7pm… I’m hunting for a nice coin purse as it’s difficult to keep coins in my current wallet & I almost combed all boutiques but found nothing…

Went to GAP to see any worth buying items but nothing much this time… Then went hunting for little prince’s clothes & bought a polo tee from Ralph… I almost wanted to buy 2 different colours of the same design as the rest of the colours look kinda dull… There’s another design that caught my eyes but the price is abit steep, and even after 10% discount off retail items, still $161++… That kind of price I can buy 2 polo tees…

Crossed over to Paragon to continue searching for my coin purse… Combed few boutiques & finally found my new love!!! And I also fell in love with a Miu Miu gathered leather bag… It’s so nice & most importantly, big & spacious!!! It’s the kind of bags I always LOVED!!! But the price is much more attractive, it’s freaking $1800++!!! Almost the same price like Saleya… Anyway, I headed out of the boutique after paying for my new love as老公’s already waiting for me & also can keep my mind off the Miu Miu bag temporary… =(


My new love~

Now I’m really in a dilemma on which one to get… Miu Miu or LV??? Or get both??? Saleya MM $1700++ (last checked 2 months ago) & Miu Miu gathered leather bag $1800++...

Should I get this
Damier Canvas Saleya MM

or this

Miu Miu gathered leather bag?

Haiz… Shall KIV this decision till after I come back from BKK & Macau in August… I wanna TIO million dollars of 4D & TOTO!!! *dream on!*

I simply love the look… No more messy & round ‘bun’ @ the back of my head… But it's kinda tiring after trying many times before succeed...


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