Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finally met up with Jasmine after few unsuccessful dates… It’s really been quite a long time since we last met up together with our little ones… Picked Jasmine + Jayde up before heading to IL’s office to pick little prince… Little prince was so happy to see Jayde 姐姐 that he kept laughing & blabbered his own baby language with Jayde…

Parked my car @ Marina Square & we headed straight to Sakae Sushi as all of us (not including little price) were famished… Waited quite a while before we’re being ushered to our seats… Luckily I ordered 2 chawanmushis as little prince finished 1 chawanmushi ALLby himself… He even wanted more after finishing his share… Gave him tofu & he gave me a ‘yucky’ looked face, seemed to express that the tofu’s tasteless… That expression was so funny, too bad didn’t snap any of it… Didn’t realized that Sakae sushi had increased their prices for the coloured (from $1.99 ++ to $2.99++) & red (from 6.99++ drop to $4.99++ & now $5.99++) plates… hmm…

Mummy & little prince

Jasmine & Jayde

Little prince & Jayde seemed to enjoy themselves when they’re on kiddy ride & refused to co-operate with me… Wanted to take a proper pics of the both of them but it’s either Jayde looked away or little prince looked away…

After combing whole of Suntec City, we went to have some snacks + rest & more shopping over @ Marina Square… And for the 6 good hours of walking around to the malls, I’ve spent almost $300 on little prince’s clothes & shoes & none for myself… Before leaving the carpark, was telling Jasmine that the parking fees must be a lot as we’re there since 1+ 2pm till like 8+pm… And much to my our surprise, it’s only $7.49 !!! It’s roughly about $1++ per hour & it’s pretty cheap, despite it’s an Saturday and compared to most parking charges in town…

Summary of what I've spent:

Clothes from GAP

Clothes from FOX

Shoes from Nike


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