Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally I’ve received my LeapFrog items from XiaoXue & thanks for this sweetie to travel all the way down to my office on Wednesday to pass the items to me… Supposed to collect from her over the weekends, but it always slipped out of my mind... *Sorry sweetie*

Passed by a Pasar Malam located near our place and I’ve bought almost close to $40 worth of educational toys for little prince… Luckily老公’s not around with me, if not he will sure SCREAM @ me for spending that much on the items… But it’s somehow cheaper than those selling in departmental stores ma…

Dora & Blue Clues educational cards and Winnie the Pooh UNO card

To XiaoXue:

Thanks for making a trip down to pass the items down to me, sweetie! Thanks so much! =)


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