Saturday, June 7, 2008

Had a date with 小姨 + Kylie, 五姨 + Jasmine @ Bugis… Was raining when I picked little prince up from IL’s office… Luckily little prince was co-operating with me without making fuss as it’s supposed to be his nap time… Finally get to dressed little prince in long sleeve romper that I got online many months back…

Walked around Bugis while waiting for Huixin (小姨’s youngest daughter) to finish her dancing class… Little prince was enjoying himself playing with his 2 姨姨 (my cousins)… Went to the kids department as 小姨 wanted to get something & I’ve once again spent $60 on 5 tees (1 for my bestie’s son & 4 for little prince) @ Fox baby… Think I’m gonna restrict myself from spending & buying clothes for little prince… Even both 小姨 & 五姨 couldn’t stand me, despite them asking me not to buy any more clothes for little prince… =P

Drove over to Raffles City after picking Huixin up & went shopping again before taking a break @ one of the coffee house located @ the basement… We had club sandwiches &lattes & cakes… 六姨 came to look for us & drove to Vivo City as she need to get some electrical appliances from Best Denki for 阿嬷 & her new flat…

六姨 treated us dinner @ Shin Kushiya as it’s 小姨’s birthday tomorrow… The food was super yummy & nice & little prince loved the food there & kept wanting more… He even wanted to have a taste of my California temaki… haha… Definitely will go back for their food… *Yum Yum*

A 'Mother & Son' bonding session

Little prince's 'Wait' sign

Sent 六姨 back home while the rest of them continued shopping… It’s been almost a decade since I last had an shopping trip with my aunties… Can’t wait for the upcoming weekend chalet organized by my lovely aunties… Will be bringing little prince to Wild Wild Wet!, provided the weather’s good…


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