Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, 6th June 2008

Went to attend Ben’s birthday together with 老公, bil & bil’s friend… 老公 smsed me in the afternoon that bil’s friend will be staying with us for 1 night as both of them (bil & his friend) will be flying to another country the following day… Although I was not pretty happy of this arrangement, but it won’t kill as it’s only for 1 night, and there won’t be any chances to see his that friend anymore… 老公 & I had quarreled over this many times & I told 老公 that no more next time (and I mean it!) & he agreed…

Ben & Eliz & the rest were already there @ Hush Hush… It’s been 3 months since I last saw them… It’s always fun with them around and all of them (including me, although I don’t drink) were aiming @ one guy (their friends, even 老公also don’t really like him) & kept making him drink… And I had a good laugh upon hearing what that irritating guy said… He told me that he couldn’t drink anymore cuz if not, a lot of girls will 遭殃… I asked him to elaborate & he said later all the girls will fall for him… I was like, DUHZ!!! He’s not handsome or charming to start with, and I couldn’t believed my eyes that such a thick-skinned guy was standing right in front of me… OMG!!!

My lovely darlings

Me & 老公

After Hush Hush, went over to All in bar as Aiko was there… Joel & Yongming came over to Hush Hush to collect her bag from me & Joel managed to persuade 老公 to go over to All in Bar… And that’s when that idiot (bil’s friend) trying to be funny… He was almost 100% drunk & he just walked over to another table to ‘talk’ to some strangers… I was talking to Aiko when I saw that & I told bil to ‘look’ after his friend… His friend considered himself lucky for not being bashed up by the strangers from other tables… That idiot trying to funny by opening his mouth & waiting for Aiko to ‘feed’ him when he saw Aiko munching tibits… I was so bloody DISGUSTED by his actions & I told 老公 & bil that I’m gonna flare anytime soon, if his friend still don’t know how to control himself… According to Aiko, that idiot although almost drunk, he still know what’s he’s doing… wtf… And that idiot was really testing my patience, despite 老公 & bil already told him off & I just flared up @ him… 老公 & the rest brought that idiot out of our (Aiko & I) sight & minutes later, the idiot tested my patience again!!! I told bil in advance before I flared @ that idiot & he’s ok with what I’ve mentioned… Can you imagine??? Even my bil said to go ahead as he REALLY DESERVED IT!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It would be a happy & pleasant night to start off my weekend, if it’s not for that idiot!!!

Anyway, it’s a REAL BIG DUMB MISTAKE for bringing bil’s friend with us yesterday night!!!


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