Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hours after 'touch down'

Ain't he cute??

Little prince turned 15 months today!!! He had changed soooooooooooooooooo much since birth till now...

Sometimes I really wish that little prince won’t grow up… Life’s just too contradicting… Anyway, let me do some updates on little prince….

~ knows how to imitate mil when she’s doing her simple morning exercises

~ loves to turn & twist

~ blabbers a lot of his baby languages like “mmmm Ba”, “da da” or “de de”, “jie jie” (but not the right pronunciation) and sometimes can hear him saying “Daddy”

~ loves to laze around right after his milk feed

~ always “scream” to let you that he’s waiting for his milk

~ knows where to get his shoes when ready to go out

~ will pick & keep his toys when being asked to

~ love to slide backwards when on his tummy

~ able to pick toys from underneath the tables or fishtanks (but on his ‘commando’ position)

~ will show his unhappiness when he’s not being given what he wants

~ will scream very loudly when we’re slow in feeding him or he saw us eating/munching regardless where we are

~ love to interact with kids of all ages

~ will hold my hands when I mentioned ‘milk milk’ time or whenever we’re outside

~ love digging & taking all my stuffs out from my bag

~ love lifting up his tee to show his tummy

~ understands what’s ‘shame shame’

~ when tell him that our wound (if any) pain pain, he’ll sayang where our wound is *so sweet of little prince*

So far, that’s all I can think of…