Friday, June 13, 2008


I just placed my orders thru a forumie who organised the spree in a forum I always frequent... This is my very 1st time spree-ing with her & also my very 1st time ordering clothes from Mayuki... I'm not really into buying clothes online (except for little prince's clothes) as I had a bad experience with one of the online sprees in year 2006 or early 2007... The clothes that I ordered not exactly the same as what I saw in the website & the cutting was kinda small & I’ve not wear any of the clothes that I’d bought till now…

I decided to go ahead time was mainly cuz of the forumie (as she’s trustworthy & she assured me that I'll get what I see from the webby)) & this is the 2nd time she’s organizing as most of her friends who bought in the 1st spree requested her to spree again…

So here I am (been sitting in front of the PC for almost 2 days in choosing the designs & colours) spree-ing with her & I simply can’t wait for my lovely loots to reach me (takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive in SIN after spree closed)…

Exchange rate: SGD 1 : NT 21

Presenting my lovely loots (pricing all in NT):

☆26028☆鬆緊立挺內搭褲 - NT190 (Black)

☆26028☆鬆緊立挺內搭褲 - NT190 (White)

☆27389☆露肩雙口袋針織洋裝 - NT330 (Black)

☆27962☆織領滾花邊雪紡上衣 - NT290 (White)

☆28824☆立領光點雪紡兩件式 - NT290 (Black)

☆28990☆領結光點雪紡兩件式 - NT290 (Black)


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