Saturday, June 21, 2008

Attended Jadon’s baby shower together with little prince… Left home around 2+pm & picked little prince up from IL’s office & reached Catherine’s place around 3+pm… The weather was sucha KILLER that little prince was sweating away over @ her place…

Finally get to see Jadon since his arrival… Didn’t get the chance to carry Jadon as he was being carried by his relatives & I doubt I’ll have the chance to do so with little prince with me… The food was great but only left the rice + tiny winy bit of other dishes… Luckily Sam Chia’s (Charmaine’s hubby aka little prince’s ‘Aya 老豆’) there to help me look after little prince while I had my lunch… Little prince loved climbing up & down the beds (regardless @ whose place) & now he has the tendency to walk & ‘jump’ on the bed… He almost fell few times when ‘jumping’…

Crawling all over

it's really difficult to capture little prince smiling facing the camera

Playing with Jadon's powder

Sweetie Adelynne

Sleepy Kennzo

Baby Jadon

Kennzo & Jadon (they're just about 1 month apart from each other)

Sweetie Adelynne & little prince

Little prince ‘stared’ @ Charmaine few times as she stopped him from going out to the corridor… He kept turning his head back & ‘stare’ @ Charmaine when I turned his head away… It’s so funny lor… All of us had a good laugh when Charmaine said that… *bleah*

Left for Angie’s place around 5+pm… It’s been many months since Angie last saw little prince @ Suntec… Little prince had a great time there & left to get dinner for myself & 老公… Little prince as usual fell asleep in the car…

To Catherine & WY:

Thanks for invitation to Jadon's baby shower!

To Angie:

Thanks for the 'super duper' long birthday presents for little prince!


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