Saturday, June 28, 2008

Met up with Shirley + Jovan & Ralia aka Shelley @ Takashimaya… It’s been a long while since I last saw them @ little prince’s birthday in March 08… I shopped a little while waiting for them & bought a Ralph Lauren cap for little prince… Walked over to Hereen to have our late lunch @ Sakae but only realized the top level was closed for renovation… In the end, we had Sushi Teh @ Paragon… All of us had lots of fun catching up & being entertained by my little devil together with Jovan… Our lunch was super yummy & full...

Pics of Little prince & Jovan

Me & Ralia

Me & Shirley

Little Prince & Mummy

Little Prince & Jovan

Ralia left shortly as she’s meeting her friends for movie while me & Shirley went shopping around Paragon as Shirley wanted to get something for herself… Crossed over to Takashimaya to continue her search & finally she got what she wanted… Little prince & Jovan enjoyed themselves over @ Tiffany & Co. Both me & Shirley can’t really stand the 2 little ones, they basically roamed all over the premises & both of them were given a ‘mashmallow’ treat from one of the staffs there…

Sent Jovan & little prince back before heading down to Crew Room with Shirley & her friend Lunnie for the night… Decided to give 老公 a surprise for his birthday… actually it’s a very last minute decision of giving him a surprise, or should I say it never came acrossed my mind of giving him a surprise as I knew very well that he wouldn’t want to celebrate… And only upon reaching Crew Room, then I decided to give it a try & got Joel to sms 老公 as I knew 老公 seldom reject friends’ request… I decided to try my luck by messaging 老公 to see if he’s coming… And VIOLA! He replied & said he’s coming down in a short while… And I quickly rushed down to Swensen’s together with Shirley to grab a birthday cake before he arrive… Gracia + Yongming, Eugene & Stephiey + Alvin were already there when I’m back with the cake… Overall, 老公 was not really surprised (for the cake part) but can see that he appreciated this mini birthday celebration that I’ve got for him…

His birthday cake

To Shirley, Aiko, Joel, Eugene, Gracia + Yongming, Stephiey + Alvin:

Thanks for making the mini birthday celebration a success!!! Both Sam & I greatly appreciate your presence!!


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