Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!

This weekend's schedule fully booked by my aunties & of cuz little prince... This coming Sunday gonna go Sentosa with my 六姨 and cousins to the Wax Museum and other places of interest... Gonna set off as early as 9+am and probably end our day in the noon... Little prince will sure enjoy himself to the fullest this coming weekend...

And just in another 3+ weeks, I'll be shopping in Bangkok with Charmaine, Catherine and their friends... And it will be my 1st time leaving little prince in Singapore... And somewhere in November, I'll be away to Guangzhou for few days with my company and once again I have to leave little prince in Singapore... I'll be missing little prince for sure...

And after I'm back from my trips, I'll have to save lotsa money to get the 3 bags I want & also a brand new phone (as my current W910i auto shutdown by itself many times) when my contract allows me to upgrade in October 2008 (hopefully the price will be reduced by then)...

Gonna work extremely hard for my own goals & more savings for little prince's future educational usage... GAMBATE!!!


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