Saturday, July 5, 2008

Met up with Irene & her sweetie Jaede as it’s been so long since I last saw her & it’s our 1st time bringing our kiddos out together… She’s my MIS diploma classmate back in year 2004 & her hubby is someone both 老公 & I knew during our pubbing days in year 2006… Isn’t Singapore a small world afterall? =)

Picked Irene & Jaede & headed down to town to do a little shopping as well as catching up… 1st stop @ Takashimaya & I’ve bought another piece of Ralph Lauren polo tee for little prince as I love to dress him in polos & shorts & I’ve got the pink one for him… And he’s the one who wanted pink… lol… It’s kinda ctue to see Little prince & Jaede talking to each other with their own baby talk when I placed both their prams side by side…

Pics of Little Prince & Jaede

Pics of Jaede

Basically, there’s nothing much that I want to get for little prince as it’s so crowded with parents & kids on level 3 & it’s so troublesome pushing our prams against the crowd… Walked to Wisma for window shopping & I got myself a butterfly clip with crystals (or whatever bling bling you called it) & a pair of earrings with 20% off… I pretty like the butterfly clip & it’s worth the money (for my case)…

Crossed over to Paragon to have our dinner @ Sushi Teh & we’re put on waiting list for the next available seats (waiting time 45 mins – 1 hour)… Went to Miu Miu & finally I saw that bag & the colour that I’m aiming for… The stocks just arrived & the price of that bag had increased to $1990 (an increased of $130) with effect on 1st July 2008… Wanted to get the bag on the spot but I don’t want to get on impulse & moreover I’m going Bangkok in another 3 weeks time, so it’s best to save for Bangkok trip 1st & play by the ear…

Finally proceeded to Sushi Teh to have our long waited dinner & little prince’s having a good time as usual, Jaede’s enjoying as well… Had a wonderful time with Irene and will definitely meet up with her soon…

Happy Little Prince

Little prince & Mummy

Irene & Jaede

Jaede & Me

Mummies & kiddos

Pink for little prince

To Irene:

Thanks for wonderful time today! Shall do it again soon! =)


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