Thursday, July 3, 2008

Met Shirley after work for some mini shopping… Only managed to meet her about 7.30 pm as she’s held up @ work… Decided to grab a coffee @ Coffee Bean & read my “Sex and the City” while waiting for Shirley to arrive…

Headed over to Taka level 3 as Shirley wants to check when the Hello Kitty organizer for 2009 coming in… After checking walked to Bodyshop to get my stuffs & crossed over to FEP to start my mini shopping… Both of us bought a tube dress each, 2 big elastic belts each, 1 pair of heels from Mondo (for myself) & 2 dresses (for her)… As we didn’t have much time to shop, we decided to dropby town again the week after next, when the LongChamp’s stocks are in (Shirley’s waiting patiently for the stocks to arrive) and shall continue our shopping… Both Shirley & I shared a cab home @ Paragon… I think it’s time for me to go grab more falsies next week! Anyone wanna join me?? Haha… =P

I placed my orders for Mayuki Spree the 2nd time!!! I must say that when I received my 1st Mayuki spree loots, I fell in love with them immediately… The materials are GREAT & comfortable & most importantly, IT’S WORTH THE PRICE!!! I never regret of ordering their clothes thru’ Cammy & you get EXACTLY the same as what you see on the Mayuki’s website… I’m pretty excited & I just can’t wait for my 2nd spree loots to arrive!!!

TADA~~~ I simply LOVE Mayuki clothes!!!








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