Saturday, July 12, 2008

I’m so addicted to one of my PSP games that I rather sacrifice my beauty sleep
than to stop playing…

Met up with my cousin Kylie & drove off to Bugis for our mini shopping for sundresses as we’re heading to Sentosa with 六姨 & 小姨 tomorrow… Bugis was so crowded as there’s a mini ‘Meet & Greet’ session with some of the casts from 唐心风暴 (House of Greed) organized by SCV…

We had our late lunch @ one of the small restaurant-counters & the service not that good though… Little prince was doing his usual thingy (ie: screaming) which I’m being immured to it… After that, we started our mini shopping spree & both of us bought clothes & I stocked up my falsies… Also bought clothes for little prince as FOX baby having sales & it’s really worth buying after the sale discounts…

Game for a 5 - 10??

I like the effect

My CooL little prince

I HATE flashlights!

I simply LOVE taking pics with little prince

Both of us were tired & thirsty & we settled for some drinks & snacks @ TCC… Shortly after went over to 五姨’s house to pick up a bag of clothes (for me) & went home sweet home as need to be up early in the morning tomorrow for Sentosa…


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